Why 80%? If your new content marketplace is decentralized, why can’t payouts be higher?

It’s true, pantheonmodels.com BETA has been out—- and you can now sell digital content and memberships in exchange for bitcoin payouts sent to any wallet. The kicker: because it’s a web3 marketplace you can sell extra kinky content that most content sites don’t offer. Plus, the industry standard for content is still at a strikingly low 60% average.

Content sites say they have to cover their backs in the case of chargebacks, but some cam sites even take 80% and offer models only 1/5 of their own earnings. The solution: a decentralized banking system the content sites create themselves (we’re working on that one), or… a decentralized crypto payment system. That’s what we have now.

Why 80%, though? With transaction fees much lower via bitcoin versus fiat currency, high-risk chargeback fees are basically non-existent. We as a company should be able to offer much higher payouts. Besides, a model could just sell content via BTC on their own and take 100%. We DO encourage you to sell your own content whenever possible, but if you’d like some help, a community of diverse models, and a place to sell without discrimination, we’re here for you.

Here’s what you get on Pantheon Models in exchange for 80% payouts:

Maximum storage space. We pay for the highest amount of storage space available. We don’t believe you should never have to lose your content due to storage.

Custom code. Instead of outsourcing a pre-made site template, we had Pantheon Models custom-built by a marketplace expert with web3 experience. We use opennode open-source API for cryptocurrency transactions in exchange for unlocking content and membership access on the site. (ps: we’re in the middle of a huge project to offer fiat payouts without discrimination. stay tuned.)

Paying our employees ethical wages. We do our best to offer competitive, living wages to our small team.

What’s next? We’re expanding traffic on the site by partnering with some of the best PR publicity firms in the adult industry. We’re serious about offering a non-discriminatory, decentralized, trustworthy and transparent digital marketplace. Have any questions or comments, ideas for mutual aid, or collaborations? Email us at [email protected] any time.