Terms & Conditions


For customer service issues and refunds, contact CCBill 24/7 Support:

For cancellations for subscriptions for unused chat time, please use the contact form here.

1. PantheonPay.com is a website for members to sell consulting time with their clients. “Members,” are, “Goddesses,” and any individuals sending money towards members are referred to as, “clients,”. The term, “consultation,” is used to describe any verbal interaction that a client has with a member, via text or otherwise, regardless of the context or duration of the interaction.

2. Clients are responsible for understanding that purchases through PantheonPay.com are in exchange for only time spent consulting, and the quality or what discussions are had within that paid time do not affect the rate of consulting.  The client is responsible for accepting they pay a flat rate for consulting with the member, regardless of what happens within a consultation. The transaction is made in exchange for consultation time and PantheonPay.com does not make promises about what needs to be discussed within that consultation time. If the client is concerned about what they get out of the consulting transaction they are recommended to not make a purchase for consulting through PantheonPay.com.

3. Billing errors can be disputed on a case by case basis if reported within 7 days of the transaction.

4. All visual materials on PantheonPay.com are owned by PantheonPay.com and are not to be duplicated, manipulated, or shared without explicit permission from PantheonPay.com.

5. Members using PantheonPay.com to sell consulting time with clients have permission to make no explicit promises about what will be discussed within paid consulting time. Once the client decides to pay for consulting time through PantheonPay.com, they accept the responsibility of knowing they are paying for only the time the member spends consulting with them. The content of discussion cannot be used to justify any returns.

6. The member has the right to not continue with the consultation and void the rest of the time paid for by the client if they deem the client to be disrespectful or offensive. It is the responsibility of the client to understand this risk, and that they will not be given a refund because of a poor-quality consultation or one that was cut short by the member. Because of the variability in defining “poor-quality” there will not be refunds given on this or any similar premise.

7. All members and clients using PantheonPay.com must be 18 years or older as the discussions within paid consultation time may include adult themes.

8. This website is to be used between the client and member only, and explicitly, for chat services and is not to be used for illegal activity of any kind. Usage of this website for activities otherwise not specified will be at risk of permanent deletion and will not be allowed back on PantheonPay.

9. PantheonPay has the right to decline or remove members from the website at anytime without reason. Members are not allowed to cross-advertise for other websites directly on PantheonPay.com’s website.

10. PantheonPay may remove members from the “Goddesses Available” page after 6 months of inactivity. Members will still have access to their checkout page and receive payments through PantheonPay unless otherwise specified, and can request to be re-added after processing subscriptions and tips again.

11. Terms of Service may change at any time.