Send Money


Tipping  is a one-time payment towards the model, not for chat time, and can be done multiple times a week. Subscribing is a one time non-recurring payment for chat time determined by the payment amount at $1/minute. For 30 minutes of chat time, select $30.

Select the model you want to pay for chat time here.


Fees are a flat rate to speak to one Goddess at a time via the contact method of Her choosing. – the rate is the same for each Goddess and all payments go through here. Once payment is in, you will be contacted to begin speaking to a Goddess and find a time that works within your schedule.
To begin, click on the Model above and select from the payment options in the drop down bar on the proceeding screen. The credits will then transfer over to cash for your Goddess to use at Her leisure.



Try it out now by paying Goddess Bijoux….