What is Pantheon Pay and how does it work?

                Pantheon Pay is an international, model-created, model-run adult industry payment platform. Clients can choose to “subscribe” to a one-time payment for chat time, or send a “tip” for up to $500. Our processing is hosted by CCBill.

Why does Pantheon exist? Why not use Paypal or clip sites for tipping models?

                Most payment processors are not adult industry friendly. Because of these restrictions, a model can lose access to their funds at any time- and sometimes not even return the funds to the client. This this often the case with Paypal. Clip sites accept tips, but charge an “Industry Standard” cut of 40%.

                Pantheon Pay leaves models with an 80.4% payout. This competitive rate is relatively unmatched for 100% adult-approved payment platforms. Pantheon Pay only takes 3.4% of your money – the rest goes towards covering chargebacks and CCBill support.

What is the return policy for clients?

                Administration can cancel and refund a client for any time if the model requests it, such as in the case with a disrespectful client. However, the client cannot request a refund unless they have received an issue with their transaction itself. Once they have received ‘chat time’ for a subscription, they have received their service, and cannot dispute the quality of the ‘product’.

The Terms of Service page discusses this in detail for clients, so that there is an understanding beforehand that they cannot get refunds for “no reason”. CCBill also minimizes chargebacks with a fraud shield, and blocks clients who attempt them from future transactions. Models can learn more about chargebacks here: http://kb.ccbill.com/Understanding+Chargebacks

What is the deal with CCBill?

                CCBill is an international payment processor that is 100% safe for the adult industry. They cover chargebacks, which is why the processing fees are higher than other industries. CCBill also provides customer support for all clients and models and are available 24/7.

Can clients and models really be FULLY adult here?

                Yes. We pay CCBill a high rate to ensure this. Nudity and adult content of any kind is allowed on the site and nobody is at risk for deletion due to adult activity. We will never ask you to censor yourself unless you are showing something against Visa’s ToS, such as blood or scat, etc.

What do models have to offer via a tip through Pantheon Pay?

                Models are under no obligation to provide a service in exchange for a tip. If a client chooses to make a one-time subscription for chat, the model may chat for any agreed upon amount of time with the client. This is at the discretion of the model. A model can also discontinue chat with a client at any time, and this is approved in the Terms of Service.

What are payouts like for models?

                Payouts are weekly 80.4% ACH deposits and International payments are accepted. There is a $5 ACH transfer fee, a $25 minimum payout amount, and no maximum payout amount. You can read more about how CCBill sends payouts here: http://kb.ccbill.com/Payout+Options

Can anyone join Pantheon Pay?

                Anyone can apply. In order to keep processing fees low, Pantheon Pay prioritizes models with an established client base and professional photos. This is because Pantheon Pay is primarily for models with previous experience that do not depend on the website for traffic and networking, and less for gaining and finding new clients.

                We do review social media accounts and branding to curate the Pantheon Pay experience for our guests. If we feel like you are not a good fit at this time, you are welcome to reapply in the future.

What do I need to apply?

Apply here!