Complaints Policy

Clients and models may contact via email to report content that may be illegal or otherwise violate Mastercard standards. All such reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within 7 business days. The content will be reviewed on a first-sent basis and be looked into by multiple parties for clarity and a decision will be made by Pantheon Pay to report to Mastercard as per their standards. An appeals process can be initiated within 7 days of an initial complaint’s resolution and can only be done once, in which case we will re-review the complaint within 7 more business days with a second conclusion.

Any third-party user or content provider on Pantheon Pay must enter a written agreement via document during the onboarding process. This written agreenment will:

• Prohibit any activity that is illegal or otherwise violates the Standards
• Require the content provider to obtain and keep on record written consent from all persons depicted in the content specific to the following areas:
  • Consent to be depicted in the content
  • Consent to allow for the public distribution of the content and to upload the content to your website
  • If the content will be made available for downloading by other users, consent to have the content downloaded
• Require the content provider to verify the identity and age of all persons depicted in content to ensure that all persons depicted are adults and to be able to provide supporting documents upon request.